Chhurpi cheese has a smoky aroma and a candy style, in keeping with Nice Giant Tale, and, regardless of its preliminary chunk already being tremendous exhausting, it turns into even harder the extra you bite (by the use of BBC). In keeping with the government at, chhurpi belongs to the cottage cheese circle of relatives, owing to its crumbly, dense texture, tangy taste, and faded yellow colour. After skimming, chhurpi cheese curds are cured for two to a few days ahead of being dried in an oven or outdoor within the solar and fermented no less than six to twelve months. This procedure in the end creates a cheese with an excessively low moisture content material, which is in part chargeable for its toughness. However chhurpi’s low moisture content material additionally lends to its nearly supernatural shelf lifetime of as much as twenty years. This spectacular longevity makes the cheese massively fascinating amongst Himalayan yak herders, who commute for lengthy stretches of time between stops.

Every other contributing issue to chhurpi’s mythical hardness is the top altitude of Parvathy Kund. The village sits at an elevation of about 4,000 meters, says BBC, in the midst of the Himalayas, which Global Atlas calls “the best mountain machine in Asia.” Plus, in line with the BBC, the grazing and processes of chhurpi manufacturing make the cheese naturally natural, preservative-free, low in fats, and top in protein. It can be a stretch, however we are about in a position to name chhurpi a superfood.

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