Dawdling in Europe

1991, the tip of Soviet historical past: Michael Stanchev (co-author of this e-book), as deputy of Kharkiv’s town council, assessed town’s global stature. Despite its monumental financial and clinical arsenal of 240 business enterprises, 143 scientific-research institutes, and 23 increased tutorial establishments, he concluded that Kharkiv had not more than a provincial footprint.

The Woman in Kherson

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Kherson, Ukraine – Warfare with Russia

Cave in of the Soviet Empire

The capital Kyiv has all the time been jealous of Kharkiv. Kharkiv used to be the “3rd” town, the “manufacturing line” of the Soviet Union. The town used to be house to such business giants because the Kharkiv Tractor and Aviation Vegetation, the Turboatom, which produced nuclear generators, and the Kharkiv Tank Manufacturing facility, house of the well-known T-34 tank. In Kharkiv in 1938 a bunch of scientists led by means of Lev Landau used to be the primary on the planet to separate an atomic nucleus. The Imperial College of Kharkiv used to be one of the most 4 oldest universities of the Russian Empire. It gave the sector 3 Nobel laureates – Ilya Mechnikov, Lev Landau and Simon Kuznets. Amongst its well-known pupils had been composers, writers, poets, and scientists – Mikola Lysenko, Isaak Dunaevsky, Nikolay Kostomarov, Dmitry Yavornitsky, Oles Gonchar. Novelist Leo Tolstoy, scientist Dmitri Mendeleev, the German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt, the author Johann Wolfgang Goethe, the Scottish geologist Roderick Impey Murchison, the British preacher and Marxist thinker John Lewis, and the French storyteller Eduard Labule all authorised honorary doctorates from the college.

When the August putsch arranged by means of the KGB and top-level Communist Birthday party nomenklatura started in Moscow on August 19, 1991, many Soviet Ukrainian officers in Kharkiv advised that Ukraine straight away “give up to Moscow”. Direct conversation with Moscow used to be limited, then again. Best the Town Council had one telex system, donated by means of its dual town of Nuremberg,3 to be in contact with Moscow. Throughout the “Nuremberg telex,” the Kharkiv management stored in contact with Yeltsin’s headquarters. Kharkiv’s newly elected mayor Yevhen Kushnaryov confirmed braveness, talking at the central sq. of town in entrance of a rally of many 1000’s, and prompt to not give in to provocations and fortify “Yeltsin’s democracy.” 3 days later, the putsch used to be suppressed in Moscow and on August 24, the Verkhovna Rada (Splendid Council) of the UkrSSR proclaimed Ukraine’s independence.

To legalize this choice, a referendum on independence used to be held in Ukraine on December 1, 1991.4 On the referendum of December 1, 1991, a easy query used to be put at the poll: “Do you wish to have Ukraine to claim independence?” The turnout for the referendum for the independence of the Ukraine republic used to be 84.18 p.c. A powerful 90.32 p.c of those that voted replied “sure”; an insignificant 7.58 p.c replied “no”. The message couldn’t had been clearer.

Similtaneously the referendum, Presidential Elections had been held.



President Leonid Kravchuk



Each and every President elected by means of the previous Soviet Republics after the cave in of the USSR used to be a senior Communist Birthday party (CPSU) respectable – except Belarus, which in 1994 elected Alexander Lukashenko who used to run a kolkhoz farm; he used to be an early instance of any individual who decade after decade proved unbeatable on the poll field like neighbor Vladimir Putin after him. The opposite Presidents had been maximum steadily the First Secretary of that Soviet republic, infrequently a member (as in Ukraine) or candidate for club (as in Russia) of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU. In different phrases, the entire Presidents of the newly unbiased states (apart from Lukashenko and Putin) had been a part of the nomenklatura. Leonid Kravchuk, who used to be elected President of Ukraine on December 1, 1991, used to be no exception.5


After the failed August putsch in Moscow, Kravchuk had resigned from the Ukrainian Communist Birthday party, as did the remainder of those that determined to stick on in Ukrainian post-Soviet politics. By the point the Presidential marketing campaign started in Ukraine, he subsequently already had the veneer of a non-partisan baby-kisser, and that is how Kravchuk offered himself to the citizens. Since he used to be a former chief of the Ukrainian Communist Birthday party, his candidacy used to be supported on the elections by means of his former Communist allies, even though the get together itself used to be banned on the time. The Communist Birthday party consultant on the elections, Oleksandr Tkachenko, as an example, withdrew his candidacy in prefer of Kravchuk. On the similar time, Kravchuk used to be additionally supported by means of a part of the Nationwide Democrats, who promoted him because the “Father of Independence” as he had retained his place as Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s unicameral parliament. In consequence, Kravchuk won 61.6 p.c of the vote and was the primary democratically elected President of Ukraine.

Every week later, on December 8, 1991, Kravchuk signed with Russian President Boris Yeltsin and President of the Splendid Soviet of Belarus Stanislav Shushkevich an settlement to dissolve the Soviet Union and create the Union of Unbiased States (CIS). The settlement used to be signed in Belovezh Woodland, close to Brest, Belarus, and went down in historical past because the “Belovezh Accords.” Two days later, the Splendid Soviets of Ukraine and Belarus ratified the settlement, and on December 12, Russia did the similar.

The rate at which the previous Soviet republics started to enroll in the Belovezh Accords used to be staggering. On December 21, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan joined the settlement. Those nations at the side of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine signed in Alma-Ata the Declaration at the Targets and Ideas of the CIS and the Protocol to the settlement at the established order of the CIS. On December 25, Mikhail Gorbachev, President of what used to be left of the USSR and its fifteen founding republics, tendered his resignation.

Now that the republics had received political independence, they had to paintings towards making a marketplace economic system. What used to be Ukraine like after mentioning independence on the finish of 1991?

Even prior to the respectable signing of the Belovezh Accords, on September 2, 1991, the President of the Splendid Soviet of Ukraine (and long term President) Leonid Kravchuk declared Ukraine’s goal to “turn into an instantaneous player within the Eu procedure and Eu establishments.” At the moment, Ukraine ranked 7th on the planet relating to its business and armed forces attainable and used to be one of the evolved republics of the USSR. Even Ukrainian agriculture used to be complicated by means of Soviet requirements. Ukraine had a just right choice of clinical, engineering and managerial staff. The rustic had a large community of clinical institutes and business enterprises and a strong military-industrial complicated (basically concentrated within the south-eastern a part of Ukraine). Via early 1992, Ukraine additionally had 1,240 nuclear warheads, 133 RS-18 strategic missiles, 46 RS-22 strategic missiles, 564 bomber cruise missiles, and about 3,000 tactical nuclear guns.

The total-blown disaster of the Nineteen Nineties, which engulfed all former Soviet republics, specifically affected Ukraine, as the biggest and maximum intently related republic with Russia. The severing of monetary ties, which started very intentionally and used to be initiated by means of the previous Communist-party nomenklatura and the KGB, regarded extra like sabotage, even if it used to be offered to the general public as a “herbal” results of the cave in of the USSR, the advent of a marketplace economic system, and the privatization of commercial belongings. The tactic of those that failed to forestall the cave in of the Soviet empire in August 1991 used to be to deliver former Soviet enterprises to finish chapter after which, throughout the financial-industrial teams already underneath the Communist Birthday party and KGB regulate, take them for subsequent to not anything, and both stay them for themselves, or re-sell them at a benefit. On the similar time, no person used to be engaged in the true economic system, reforming manufacturing and making an investment cash. The corporations that flooded Ukraine with foreign-sounding names, leader amongst which used to be the English phrase “make investments”, in most cases had little relation to out of the country and had been used solely for resale.6 Former get together functionaries and secret carrier officials was millionaires virtually in a single day. Birthday party or formative years Komsomol apparatchiks, secret-service officials and their brokers headed the banks and corporations. Unbiased businessmen had been in most cases suppressed or needed to “settle for” any individual’s tough “coverage”, in most cases particular services and products or gangsters, and the latter had been in the end pressured at hand over their clientele to the similar particular services and products.

The administrations which got here and went, from Presidential to regional, did the similar factor: they shook down the state or just plundered it, “chipping away” at its finances. Their slogans can have been other: for Eu integration, or for union or reunification with Russia. However those slogans had been simply tactical guns for the appropriation of state assets or of budget. There gave the impression longstanding delays within the fee of wages to trade employees, academics, and different state workers – and state workers made up the vast majority of Ukraine’s paintings pressure. Inflation from 1992 to 1994 reached 1000 p.c. The privatization of the Soviet state economic system, particularly trade, used to be accompanied by means of corruption on an business scale. The industrial situation of the rustic as a complete used to be catastrophic.

On June 7, 1993, a strike of miners started in Donbas. On June 17, the Verkhovna Rada, on the request of the miners, scheduled a referendum of “self belief” (no self belief) for September 26. On the other hand, after consulting with the President, the Rada canceled the referendum on the closing minute and scheduled early elections as a substitute: the parliamentary elections on March 27 and the Presidential Elections on June 26, 1994.7


Kravchuk, who got here to energy on a wave of independence, didn’t provoke his political credo all the way through his brief months in energy. From time to time he used to be in prefer of cooperation with Eu establishments, infrequently in prefer cooperation with of the Commonwealth of Unbiased States. Other folks used to name him the one President who controlled to “run between the raindrops.” In consequence, the Ukrainian other people neither was a part of the brand new Europe nor returned to the previous Russia. Within the 1994 election, Kravchuk, regardless of his shut ties to Russia, offered himself as a “nationwide” baby-kisser, had large fortify in western Ukraine, and contrasted himself with Leonid Kuchma, the previous Top Minister who advocated nearer ties with Russia. It used to be Kuchma who in July 1994 defeated Kravchuk in the second one spherical and was President.



Budapest Settlement, 1994



Because the cave in of the USSR, Washington have been very involved in regards to the nuclear arsenal which Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan won because of the liquidation of the Soviet Union. The destruction of those guns within the younger republics, which had damaged clear of Russia and had been now not lined by means of the previous Soviet global agreements, was a international coverage precedence for the newly unbiased states. Moscow used to be additionally willing to strip its new neighbors in their “nuclear energy” standing. Thus, Invoice Clinton, who was US President in 1993, and Boris Yeltsin in Russia made promising statements about “financial incentives” and a good political local weather on the planet for Ukraine to agree to go back its missiles and warheads to Yeltsin’s Russian Federation.

Washington additionally resorted to political power. Particularly, Clinton’s respectable discuss with to Kyiv to satisfy with President Kravchuk used to be canceled. However, whilst underneath power from the 2 superpowers, Belarus and Kazakhstan controlled to take away nuclear guns in 1992, Ukraine nonetheless resisted, basically underneath power from the leaders of the Ukrainian Other folks’s Motion represented by means of Vyacheslav Chornovil, who prompt President Kravchuk to not relinquish them. It used to be Chornovil who voiced his fears in regards to the risk posed by means of Russia, challenging safety promises from the global group.

The ones promises got in 1994. On December 5, a Memorandum on Safety Assurances in reference to Ukraine’s accession to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty used to be signed all the way through a summit in Budapest. Ukraine pledged to stick to 3 non-nuclear rules: to not obtain, to not produce or achieve nuclear guns.8


Later, France, Canada, and China additionally signed the treaty, and Ukraine, along with providing to mediate safety talks with Russia, won a call for participation from Eu countries and the USA to take part within the Partnership for Peace program and to start out cooperation with NATO. Not anything else gave the impression to threaten Ukraine’s safety as its sovereignty and territorial integrity had been securely confident by means of the global group.

In 2009, after the invasion of Georgia by means of Russian troops that adopted in 2008, former Secretary of Ukraine’s Nationwide Safety and Protection Council Volodymyr Horbulin known as for a evaluation of the Budapest Memorandum as now not having met expectancies and to convene a world convention to “get started the method of demilitarization of the Black Sea.”


Lately it’s obtrusive how proper Horbulin used to be and the way related his proposal used to be. He sought after the convention to incorporate now not most effective guarantor states, but in addition different main global powers, equivalent to Germany. It appears that evidently, after the profession of Crimea and the unilateral denunciation of the Russian-Ukrainian settlement at the Black Sea Fleet in March 2014, Russia, one of the most guarantors of the Budapest settlement, is now not more likely to attend the sort of convention.



President Leonid Kuchma



All the way through the 1994 election marketing campaign, Kuchma’s slogan “For an Alliance with Russia!” performed the most important function. Nostalgic for the previous Soviet lifestyles, when everybody used to be deficient however glad, Ukraine’s Slavic soul perceived Kuchma as the most efficient candidate, with the best trail for the longer term – “Ahead to the previous!” However the truth grew to become out to be rather other: Kuchma had no plans to go back Ukraine to the previous Soviet Union. It used to be underneath Kuchma that economic and business clans started to shape and acquire energy, new political events had been created such because the Birthday party of Democratic Renaissance of Ukraine, which steadily was the Other folks’s Democratic Birthday party of Ukraine, supported by means of Kuchma.

Having received energy from the mass privatization of state assets, the brand new financial-industrial Ukrainian elite started “purchasing” their deputies. Seeing that those deputies had been protective now not such a lot the pursuits of the elite as advance their very own, the elite themselves started to take a look at the political seats that promised even better earnings than having a trade. Why hope for any person else to do your small business, if you’ll run the state your self and go regulations winning to your small business?

In 1995 the President signed a decree in regards to the formation of monetary and business teams (FIGs) “to advertise structural reorganization of Ukrainian economic system, accelerate clinical and technological development, building up competitiveness of Ukrainian items.” This act supplied limitless alternatives for the ones FIGs, which have been now not most effective with regards to political energy, however in reality had been created by means of them. They had been allowed to independently approve the process of indexation of mounted belongings. The Antimonopoly Committee, with the consent of the Cupboard of Ministers, may just give FIGs a prison monopoly, if the latter performed state techniques for the advance of precedence sectors of the Ukrainian economic system. Most significantly, FIGs loved economic advantages and coffee taxation, which allowed them to launder cash on an enormous scale with impunity. The most important component within the advent of FIGs used to be the presence of a number one endeavor within the staff, its personal industrial financial institution, by which all economic transactions had been performed, united by means of a unmarried technological chain.

Probably the most major motives at the back of the advent of those FIGs used to be to streamline lobbying actions and distribution of state budget. This is why the supervisory forums of such teams integrated high-ranking officers at once or via entrance males. Actually, the entire biggest FIGs in Ukraine had been contributors of the Union of Industrialists and Marketers. As a public group, this union had the best to make proposals all the way through the preparation of monetary regulations, in addition to to foyer for them in Parliament. A lot of Ukraine’s leaders, equivalent to Kuchma himself and previous Top Minister A. Kinakh, was President of the Union once they resigned. The merging of energy and trade was seamless.

It must be emphasised that those teams, which managed the enterprises that produced the lion’s proportion of the Ukrainian GDP all the way through the Soviet instances, had no goal of making an investment significantly within the construction of the economic system of the brand new Ukraine. They weren’t desirous about introducing new applied sciences or inventions in manufacturing, even if there have been a lot of such innovations to be had within the nation. As a substitute, FIGs attempted to scale back the prices of the enterprises they managed, steadily forcing out the state’s proportion and privatizing them for subsequent to not anything.9


We will be able to now not reside at the traits of even the important thing avid gamers of monetary and business teams in Ukraine, as this will require writing a separate e-book. We will be able to most effective observe that the teams have divided their spheres of affect all the way through the rustic. The principle ones are the Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk teams. Every of them has its personal events and leaders. Donetsk historically supported the Areas (Rhioniv) get together, led by means of Viktor Yanukovych, and Dnipropetrovsk supported the Place of birth (Batkivshchyna) get together, led by means of Yulia Tymoshenko. It used to be they who decided the political route within the nation, periodically sporting out “orange” and “white-blue” revolutions, the principle objective of which used to be the redistribution of monetary sources and the seizure of height authorities positions.






Right away after the cave in of the USSR and the declaration of Ukraine’s independence, a big a part of society, particularly younger other people, was hoping that the rustic would practice the trail of integration into Europe. The guarantees of the then Ukrainian management supplied some optimism on this regard. When President Kuchma ran for President in 1999, he made Euro-Atlanticism a platform for his candidacy, fired his International Affairs Minister and introduced this place to Borys Tarasyuk, Ukraine’s NATO consultant and an ardent supporter of Euro-Atlanticism. His major diplomatic efforts had been aimed toward getting Ukraine to signal an affiliation settlement with the EU, and getting no less than some more or less reassuring indicators from the EU about Ukraine’s Eu potentialities. A committee on Eu integration used to be created within the Verkhovna Rada, and a whole cabinet-level Ministry of Eu Integration used to be shaped.

As Ukraine endured its cooperation with NATO throughout the framework of the Partnership for Peace, the Eu Union used to be in no hurry to include Ukraine. Many Ukraine-EU summits had been held, all the way through which the concrete steps in opposition to the implementation of the Maastricht and Copenhagen standards had been in moderation analyzed. At the entire summits, the Eu Fee repeated the similar factor: we fortify the goal and want of the Ukrainian government to combine into Eu establishments. However in apply little took place.

On the similar time, in any respect ranges and in any respect conferences with EU representatives, the Ukrainian management separated the chance of becoming a member of the EU from the chance of becoming a member of NATO. In 1997, this used to be mentioned, as an example, all the way through the talks between the Chairman of parliament, the chief of the Socialist Birthday party, Oleksandr Moroz, and the Top Minister of Bulgaria, Ivan Kostov. When Kostov mentioned that Bulgaria used to be in the hunt for each EU and NATO club, Moroz answered that Ukraine used to be now not able to enroll in NATO, however used to be able to enroll in the EU.

In idea, the Ukrainian management used to be able for the EU. In fact, they weren’t. Ukraine must adopt the tough task of adapting its regulation to Eu requirements, to have a really democratic nation, making certain freedom of speech, elected govt our bodies, native self-government, unbiased courts, and a loose press, to not point out assembly the commercial standards of the EU. In the meantime, the rustic endured to revel in a systemic financial disaster. On account of the primary level of mass privatization, Ukraine’s distinctive technical, clinical, and business attainable used to be subverted and stopped functioning. The ruling elite used to be in no hurry both to reform the best way the state operated. Europe watched in silence and, seeing inactivity of the Ukrainians, made no additional guarantees.

Because of mismanagement on the easiest ranges from the mid to past due Nineteen Nineties, Ukraine’s GDP plummeted as hyperinflation reared its head. In August 1996, Ukraine’s nominal foreign money used to be devaluated 100,000 instances and changed by means of the hryvnia. Inflation and the decline in manufacturing in Ukraine some distance exceeded that of neighbors Russia and Belorus.

All this made the advance of Ukrainian statehood extra problematic and the disaster extra protracted. Polarization in society intensified. The wealthy grew richer and the deficient grew poorer. The oligarchy seized all ranges of energy and the parliament. The government was extraordinarily delicate to grievance. The Eu Union used to be forgotten about, and Ukraine’s Eu route the entire extra so.



Putin’s first try to seize Ukraine



The rustic which by no means forgot about Ukraine used to be Russia. Or quite, its particular services and products hadn’t. A very powerful Russian agent in Ukraine used to be KGB common Yevgeny Marchuk. Born in Ukraine in 1941, Marchuk graduated from the USSR Alexander Pushkin Pedagogical Institute in Kirovgrad, Russia, the place he studied from 1958-1963 to show Ukrainian and German language and literature, and the place he used to be recruited by means of the KGB.10 In 1988, he used to be appointed Head of the KGB Division within the Poltava area. In 1990, when he used to be already a common, he used to be appointed First Deputy Head of the KGB of the UkrSSR. From June to November 1991, he used to be the Protection, State Safety and Emergencies Minister of the UkrSSR and, all the way through the August 1991 coup d’etat, he wholly supported the crowd of 8 who had began the putsch.

After it failed, Marchuk used to be now not pushed aside from his submit in Ukraine as you may be expecting. As a substitute, he began to defy gravity and his affect larger. He used to be appointed as the primary Head of the Safety Provider of Ukraine (SBU), Ukraine’s nationwide successor to the USSR’s KGB. On the similar time, he promoted himself to the rank of lieutenant common and, in August 1992, to the rank of colonel common. Marchuk stayed on as Head of the SBU till 1994. In a while prior to leaving this submit, on March 23, 1994, he increased himself to Ukraine’s height rank, a common with 4 stars. In July 1994, Marchuk used to be appointed Deputy Top Minister for State Safety and Protection within the cupboard of Vitaliy Masol. This place had now not prior to now existed and used to be specifically created for the overall.

His upward thrust and upward thrust endured. On October 31, 1994, Marchuk was First Deputy Top Minister and chairman of the Presidential Committee on Preventing Corruption and Arranged Crime, and on March 6, 1995, he used to be appointed Appearing Top Minister of Ukraine. On June 8, 1995, he was Top Minister and held this submit till Would possibly 27, 1996, when he used to be pushed aside “for burnishing his personal political symbol.”


A captivating caricature about Marchuk’s appointment as Top Minister used to be left for us in an interview with Roman Kupchinsky, director of the Ukrainian phase of Radio Liberty, and Main Mykola Melnychenko, the protection officer in President Kuchma’s coverage element who made unauthorized recordings of his boss:

“When Kuchma appointed Marchuk as Top Minister, I used to be shocked on the lavish dinner party the newly appointed Top Minister threw for the so-called political elite within the state dacha in Pushcha, Kyiv. The tables had been really weighted down. I puzzled to myself: at whose expense used to be this dinner party organized? I used to be very a lot shocked! I noticed then that, neatly, possibly there’s something fishy happening. Possibly it’s a must to in reality thank the President whilst you turn into Top Minister? It made an enduring influence on me.”11 Professionally talking, Marchuk have been a remarkably unworthy statesman. From 1991 to 1994, when he used to be Head of the SBU, the company failed to track or prosecute a unmarried case of embezzlement of state assets by means of high-ranking officers. President Kuchma, who appointed him Top Minister, didn’t like him a lot both.

Kuchma recalled that, “After changing into a boss [of the State Committee for Monetary Reform], Marchuk confirmed a whole loss of hobby in day by day paintings and a stressed interest for verbosity… To start with, I attributed it to Marchuk’s want to grasp the entire issues himself, as he likes to mention, “with clinical precision”, to collect exhaustive details about them. However I quickly started to suspect that he merely does now not wish to make selections, and this concern is in response to his lack of know-how financial mechanisms and his makes an attempt to distance himself from any unpopular steps. Clearly, his lengthy paintings within the KGB taught Marchuk most effective to assemble data (and to make selections in response to it for others!), however he didn’t understand how to enforce this knowledge within the pursuits of the economic system. It used to be the summer season after which the autumn of 1995. For the primary time, really extensive arrears in pensions and wages started to acquire, rising month by means of month. Manufacturing used to be falling. He clearly didn’t stay alongside of the placement, and inadequately reacted to the issues in trade and agriculture. Possibly this used to be because of fundamental incompetence? As, as an example, the verdict of […] Marchuk within the autumn of 1995 in opposition to the suggestions of mavens of the Committee to not introduce the hryvnia.”


In fact, one can not however ask: why appoint such an undeserving individual as Top Minister within the first position? What forces had been pushing former KGB Common Marchuk to ever-higher places of work? There are lots of indications that his involvement with the Moscow nomenklatura of the KGB endured some of these years and we will be able to safely think that those forces had been Marchuk’s former KGB colleagues paving the best way.

In October 1996, the newspaper Den (Day) used to be based in Kyiv by means of Yevhen Shcherban, a Ukrainian oligarch and flesh presser of the mid-Nineteen Nineties, and, from 1995-1996, the richest oligarch in Donbas as the principle shareholder of Ukraine’s biggest conglomerate, Commercial Union of Donbas, which united masses of enormous enterprises within the Donetsk and Luhansk areas. On November 3, 1996, Shcherban used to be killed, a yr after the former “grasp of Donbas” and richest oligarch, Akhat Bragin, used to be killed on October 15, 1995. Either one of those murders had been dedicated by means of the Kushnir crime syndicate.12 Shcherban used to be murdered at the airfield at Donetsk airport whilst coming back from Moscow in his personal Yak-40 jet from the celebration of Iosif Kobzon, a well-known singer, businessman, and longtime KGB agent. A minimum of ten other people had been taken with getting ready the homicide. The real homicide used to be performed by means of two criminals, Vadim Bolotskikh (“Muscovite”) and Gennady Zangelidi (“Animal”).13 Bolotskikh and Zangelidi entered the airport by means of automotive with pretend paperwork; that they had a flight and a police uniform. When Shcherban were given out of the airplane, Bolotskih shot him at the back of the pinnacle, and in a panic Zangelidi began randomly capturing at folks, and then each jumped into the auto and fled, then burned the auto someplace within the town’s outskirts. Excluding Shcherban, his spouse, an plane technician, and a flight engineer, who died of his wounds in clinic, had been additionally killed. Within the firefight, Zangelidi unintentionally additionally hit Bolotskikh

It used to be after this homicide that any other Donetsk staff, and a vital a part of Yevhen Shcherban’s assets, ended up within the possession of Rinat Akhmetov, who thereafter graduated to changing into the richest oligarch now not most effective of Donbas, however of all of Ukraine. At one level, in step with Bloomberg’s 2012 rating, Akhmetov used to be richer than Russia’s billionaires.

The operation used to be deliberate by means of gangster boss Yevhen Kushnir. Someday, he used to be arrested in Ukraine, positioned in a pre-trial detention middle in Donetsk and killed in his mobile underneath mysterious cases. In 2000, Russian police controlled to arrest Bolotskikh and extradited him to Ukraine (Zangelidi used to be already useless by means of that point).14


The homicide of Yevhen Shcherban was one of the high-profile legal instances within the Ukraine. Journalist Sergei Kuzin (writer of Donetsk Mafia) believes that each Shcherban and Bragin had been assassinated at the order of Russian legal teams who sought after to regulate privatization in Donbas. In prefer of this Kuzin cites the truth that Vadim Bolotskikh used to be taken with each murders – of Bragin and Shcherban. Former Ukrainian Top Minister Vitaliy Masol15 mentioned that during his opinion, it used to be a trade affiliate of Akhmetov who killed Shcherban: “I, as an example, consider that Shcherban used to be killed by means of Yanukovych. He were given him out of his means. That is Donetsk”.16


Interestingly Rinat Akhmetov, who used to be Bragin and Shcherban’s spouse on the Commercial Union of Donbas and who benefited greater than others from the homicide of a competitor, gave no proof in Shcherban’s case.

However there used to be someone else who impulsively benefited from Shcherban’s homicide: KGB Common Marchuk. He ended up proudly owning the Den newspaper. This used to be the one day by day newspaper in Ukraine with its personal target audience. Having grew to become Den into an opposition newspaper, Marchuk used to be ready to draw top of the range, opinion-forming authors and changed editor-in-chief Volodymyr Ruban with a brand new editor, Larisa Ivshina, Marchuk’s former press secretary, who later was his spouse.

Progressively, Marchuk was a well known and influential parliamentary political determine. Within the March 1998 parliamentary elections, he used to be quantity two at the listing of the Social Democratic Birthday party of Ukraine (SDPU) and used to be elected to the Verkhovna Rada for the second one time. From Would possibly to December 1998, he headed the parliamentary faction of the SDPU. On the similar time, he determined to participate within the subsequent Presidential Elections and turn into the following President of Ukraine.

Marchuk used to be to compete in opposition to Kuchma, the incumbent President. Some other severe rival used to be Pavlo Lazarenko, Top Minister of Ukraine from Would possibly 1996 to July 1997. After his resignation, he was Kuchma’s opponent and, in 1998 used to be elected to the Rada as chief of the Cohesion (Hromada) get together which he had arrange.

Because it took place, Lazarenko by no means took section within the Presidential race. On February 9, 1999, the Lawyer Common asked that the Verkhovna Rada deprive Lazarenko of his parliamentary immunity. On February 15, Lazarenko left the rustic, and on February 17, 310 deputies out of 450 voted for his arrest.17 In collusion, the Lawyer Common’s Place of business and Kuchma had pressured Lazarenko out of the Presidential race.

Now the one impediment to Marchuk’s Presidency used to be Kuchma. Must we be shocked that within the spring of 1999, secret recordings of conversations had been made within the administrative center of the President. A player on this operation used to be Kuchma’s bodyguard, Melnychenko.18 What follows underneath is in response to his tapes, all of which he gave to Yuri Felshtinsky (co-author of this e-book). Felshtinsky assembled a bunch of mavens – together with former SBU wiretapping consultants – to transcribe the tapes and the spoken testimony given by means of the key.

It is very important have in mind the timing in 1999. In Moscow, Marchuk’s KGB handlers had been concurrently plotting to take over the Russian Presidency from Yeltsin by means of putting their very own guy, Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Putin, Marchuk’s colleague. Within the tournament of a simultaneous victory parachuting Marchuk into the Ukrainian Presidency, the KGB would acquire energy now not most effective over Russia but in addition over Ukraine. It appears that evidently, this used to be the speculation at the back of recruiting a member of Kuchma’s safety element in an effort to file conversations within the President’s administrative center and leverage this knowledge in opposition to Kuchma all the way through the 1999 Presidential Election.

Melnychenko recalled that Marchuk gave him 1000 German marks.19 They met no less than ten instances in numerous secret places, at other instances, the use of codes and a secret mobile phone, converting automobiles regularly or assembly on the closing second.20


It proved a just right funding. The wiretap helpfully published that Kuchma used to be performing some plotting of his personal. In Would possibly, the pinnacle of the Central Election Fee Mykhailo Ryabets, had a gathering with Kuchma. At this assembly, “he advised Kuchma how he would now not permit Marchuk to take part within the Presidential marketing campaign”.21 Marchuk straight away known as Ryabets and advised him that he knew about his plan to forestall him from operating.

In lower than an afternoon Kuchma discovered in regards to the leak, mentioned Melnychenko. “Close to lunchtime, Aleksandr Volkov, a well known oligarch, got here in to peer Kuchma and mentioned: ‘Leonid, I’ve two bits of stories, considered one of which could be very ugly’. He mentioned: ‘Marchuk is aware of the whole thing about what you agreed with Ryabets the previous day, how to take away him from the electoral sign up – he is aware of all about it’.” Kuchma straight away known as Leonid Derkach, his Head of the SBU, and urged him to comb the Presidential places of work for microphones. Melnychenko used to be most effective simply ready to flee detection when he used to be tipped off unintentionally that the SBU used to be about to descend on Kuchma’s administrative center with 15 brokers, and got rid of the recorder simply in time.22


The primary spherical of the Presidential Elections used to be scheduled for October 31, 1999, two months prior to Yeltsin resigned in Moscow and made Vladimir Putin Appearing-President of the Russian Federation.

In contrast to Yeltsin, then again, Kuchma had no goal of resigning prior to the primary spherical in Marchuk’s prefer. This used to be even though “Marchuk had some lovely severe data that will have allowed Kuchma to be got rid of as President”, Melnychenko mentioned.

Having failed to influence Kuchma to surrender prior to the elections, Marchuk’s Plan B used to be to take away Kuchma all the way through or after the second one spherical of 14 November, 1999. “Amongst different issues, they deliberate to put in a video surveillance device in Kuchma’s administrative center and picture the whole thing that used to be happening “on the second one day after the primary spherical of the Presidential Election” to file conversations that will turn out that Kuchma had violated the election marketing campaign all the way through the primary spherical”, Melnychenko mentioned.

However Kuchma had his personal KGB connections and horse-trading ensued between the 2 competitors. Right now, Marchuk met with Aleksandr Volkov, a Russian member of parliament for United Russia (now led by means of Dmitri Medvedev). Volkov used to be KGB and held kompromat on Marchuk which Derkach passed directly to Kuchma. This led Marchuk and Kuchma to barter in combination all the way through the primary spherical of the Presidential Elections about which function Marchuk would take within the authorities.

In spite of everything, Marchuk cancelled the second one wiretapping of Kuchma. Melnychenko said, “He mentioned: no, we gained’t do the rest, we don’t want the rest anymore.” Why quickly was transparent. Within the first spherical of the Presidential Elections Marchuk got here 5th, gaining simply over 8 p.c, in a crowded box of 19 applicants. Marchuk used to be now not destined to turn into Ukraine’s first KGB President. And because that used to be the case, it made extra sense to not throw Kuchma out, however to barter with him for Marchuk’s place of secretary of the Nationwide Safety and Protection Council, which is what Marchuk did.

When Yeltsin resigned, Russia used to be brought to the KGB via its skilled manipulation of him and the nationwide elections, while Ukraine escaped that destiny since the democratic procedure had – then again imperfectly – leap-frogged sinister back-room corruption.

Marchuk lacked Putin’s crafty and used to be more and more marginalized. With the kompromat Marchuk had over Kuchma, he stayed in excessive administrative center till he used to be pressured to surrender in 2004 as protection minister. Ostensibly this used to be as a result of explosions of previous ammunition at artillery depots, however if truth be told, it used to be as a result of President Kuchma used to be coming near the tip of his ultimate time period in administrative center. Marchuk attempted to go back to nationwide politics on the 2006 parliamentary elections, however the second had long gone. Putin’s Ukrainian an identical had let absolute energy over Ukraine slip throughout the arms of the KGB. Marchuk’s get together won most effective 0.06 p.c of the vote and he left politics.


The submit The Woman in Kherson Ukraine gave the impression first on The Information.

The submit The Woman in Kherson Ukraine gave the impression first on Petgais Information.

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