Seven Climber Bodies Found in the Himalayas

Seven Climber Bodies Found in the Himalayas. New Delhi: Seven climbers who were declared missing last month have been found dead in the Himalayas. One remaining climber who is part of an eight-member group is still missing.
The climber group consists of four British, two United States, one Australian and Indian. Last month, they all tried to reach the second highest mountain in India – Nanda Devi – which is part of the Himalayas.
The eight climbers are believed to be missing in an area near two glaciers at an altitude of 5,380 meters. Allegedly they were all hit by an avalanche.

The victims were guided by an experienced British climber, Martin Moran. His company, Moran Mountain, has carried out many climbing expeditions in the Indian Himalayas.
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The seventh climber’s body was found by a search group from India. But the effort to evacuate them was delayed because the helicopter had difficulty landing the rescue team.
VK Jogdande, an official at Pithoragarh, told the BBC news agency that a team of 25 people from the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) managed to evacuate the seven bodies on Sunday 23 June 2019.
“They set up a camp, and the seven bodies were temporarily stored there. They hope to find and evacuate the eight bodies tomorrow,” Jogdande said.
It takes at least three days to be able to bring the seven bodies to the main camp.
“This is the most difficult and challenging mission for the Indian rescue team. It is difficult to be able to evacuate bodies from the upper Himalayan region,” Jogdande said.