London police hell-bent on arresting aged preacher

Nigerian preacher arrested in London

So an aged guy of African descent is preaching the gospel, much-loved bible in hand, out of doors London’s Southgate station on Saturday afternoon, twenty third Febrauary 2019.

Somebody it seems that reviews him and since London is so crime unfastened, two officials, with such a lot time on their arms and no different pressing calls to wait to, (you understand, murders, rapes, stabbings, formative years mugging a large number of youngsters within the Southgate house, and many others.), promptly arrive to take a look at this very bad previous guy hell-bent on harassing passersby.

They’re a tad competitive of their manner and no longer within the temper for being informed they too will face damnation (until they repent). They continue to query the aged gentleman who bravely refuses to go away his publish as a result of his message isn’t whole and in his eyes, saving souls is way more essential than bowing to 2 officials who obviously want salvation. In all probability it’s the point out of hell or themselves being answerable to God at some point that guidelines them over the brink. The officials come to a decision this obviously benign gentleman must be handcuffed for ‘aggravating the peace.’ And in case he will have to purpose grievous physically hurt along with his soft-covered bible – you understand, in all probability whack anyone over the top, the only very courageous officer grabs the bible amidst rather heartfelt pleas of “don’t take my bible away …” The policeman’s resolution: “Neatly you will have considered that earlier than you had been racist!” What? Now he’s racist? Now not nice exposure for London’s Metropolitan Police is it? Harassing a defenseless previous guy? Oh wait, he had a bible in his hand.


An eyewitness informed Barnabas Fund that, earlier than the police arrived, the preacher was once being faced aggressively by way of a tender guy, it seems that Muslim and in his 20s, dressed in a hooded best. The person was once loudly abusive concerning the Bible and God along with his face as regards to the preacher’s. The younger guy additionally threatened the preacher, brandishing a closed fist retaining prayer beads.

When the police arrived to query the road preacher they had been witnessed pronouncing that there were a criticism of “Islamophobia” made in opposition to him. It isn’t identified on the time of writing who made the criticism to the police. The younger guy ran clear of the scene as quickly because the police gave the impression.

For a division this is so fast to Tweet each 2d of police task in London, it’s peculiar then, that their exposure device failed to grasp that Twitter is a fairly voracious animal. Sooner than lengthy, the photos of the preacher went viral. Inside an afternoon there have been over 1,000,000 perspectives. Other people had been outraged. However no longer so the London Metropolitan Police. Asleep on the wheel, they had been.

Blogger and writer, Obianuju Ekeocha, puzzled why they had been so fast to publish each unmarried element in their busy day on Twitter however failed to say the arrest of a helpless previous guy preaching the gospel. In a supposedly Christian nation with meant freedom of speech. Extraordinary, isn’t it? She concept so too so requested them for a reaction. They requested her as an alternative to direct message them.

And within the resulting interchange, they admitted that the aged guy were reported for ‘obvious Islamaphobia’. They therefore added that they discovered no evidence of this and he was once “de-arrested”. At the start, that’s an terrible phrase to make use of and their exposure other folks wish to to find any other one, and secondly, that reaction is outrageous. To be handcuffed in public, on a imprecise rumour document, has an unsightly whiff about it.

It’s specifically outrageous given the truth that there are lots of folks of religions thankfully preaching their religion at the streets of London without a handcuffs concerned. Preaching fairly aggressively, I might upload.

Once more, Twitter is a superb factor and a few brilliant spark controlled to search out actual photos of a Muslim preacher and spliced the display screen so lets take a look at precisely how biased the London Metropolitan police are. The outcry has been swift. And no longer simply from Christians—from atheists, Muslims and different religions too who’re incensed by way of their double requirements.

The thoughts boggles.