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Also known as Kashmiri lahsun or ek pothi lahsun or Himalayan garlic, this is a specific variety considered one of the purest garlic varieties available. This is because this particular garlic variety grows in lack of industrial pollutants. Often found in the Himalayan region, this garlic is much smaller in size and much more beneficial than regular commercial garlic that we have every day. As per some facts, the Kashmiri lahsun is 7 times more potent than regular garlic. When we say beneficial, we mean that it has ample medicinal qualities and is a highly revered medicine in Ayurveda. It alone is considered a boon for people suffering from diabetes, asthma, or even lung cancer. Moreover, it is said to have antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties. Though it has a pungent smell because of the allicin compound, it is rich in phosphorus, manganese, sulphur, calcium, and many other components.  

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