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A staple of many runners’ power and conditioning exercises, mountain climbers paintings the chest, fingers, glutes, core and hip flexors. They may be able to additionally lend a hand runners educate explosive energy and coordination – and toughen their vary of movement.

‘They may be able to be used to hit other objectives in step with what the athlete wishes,’ explains Graeme Woodward, a UK Athletics Degree 3 efficiency trainer, UKSCA accepted S&C trainer and We Run trainer for West Yorkshire.

‘Just like the plank, mountain climbers require power within the higher frame however extra dynamically in stabilisation because the legs transfer speedy. The muscle tissues used maximum are the hip flexors and decrease abs, relying on how a long way the knees are introduced up.’

‘If performed speedy, this workout can give a contribution to a exercise and can educate explosive energy and coordination. But when performed gradual and with regulate, mountain climbers will also be a great way of growing vary of movement.’

Runners with decrease again problems must, alternatively, watch out doing this workout. ‘The hip flexors originate from the lumbar backbone and pelvis, and if those tighten via use, then this workout could make signs worse,’ explains Woodward.

Learn how to do mountain climbers as it should be

  1. Get started in a press-up place, fingers huge.
  2. Interact your abs and convey your proper knee for your chest. As you push the leg again to
    get started place, deliver your left knee in.
  3. Proceed, alternating legs.

Units/reps: Two units of 15-20 reps.

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