How to climb a mountain that is good and right, for beginners and professional climbers

Before you climb the mountain, you need to know the knowledge information about how to climb properly, especially for all newbie novice climbers, referring to professionals who have provided knowledge of their experience, making this expedition step more focused and effective. If you are wrong, it will result in fatal fatigue and unstable breathing. All tips for how to climb this apply to all genders in preparation for this adventure to be more fun and directed.

Maybe some people think that climbing the mountain is synonymous with nature lovers, of course there are differences. Mountain climbing focuses on climbing while nature lovers focus on expeditions related to knowing nature and doing preservation. Activities related to mountains can be termed hill walking with a subject whose culprit is called a mountaineer. The majority of all the activities of a mountaineer are traveling, setting up a tent, climbing a rock with a certain level of slope with recreational purposes. Doing this expedition must master the techniques of living in the wild, which are mostly done by natural adventurers called mountaneering.

All activities that will be carried out by climbers are to take the jungle road which has enough challenges typical of a tropical natural forest with natural wind shades that will always touch the skin both day and night. All of these climbing expeditions will always be associated with natural cohesiveness with natural springs that can be used as a supply of drinking water while in the mountains. & Nbsp;

After you take mountain climbing throughout Indonesia, you must have understood that physical is the main thing. If you look at the core philosophy to test physical toughness and mental andrenalin viscosity have an impact on the person who has a high level of self-confidence, loves nature, respects others, and always takes care of all the natural life of flora and fauna. The professional climbers have made a message to all of us that the most highest achievement is to overcome selfishness in self and to overcome weaknesses that have accompanied all the better personalities.


Physical preparation is the main thing to do life in the wild or mountaneering. Physical exercise is useful to improve endurance fitness that can be obtained from weight training, gymnastics, cycling, and running for a schedule every day. Combine with gymnastics very well especially aerobics with the addition of a cycling tool during fitness. Very useful for training the lungs to quickly absorb oxygen by breathing because this process to regulate the rhythm of the lungs responds quickly if you are at an elevated amount of oxygen available is very low.

Weight training is very useful for the stability of muscle strength to stretch on difficult terrain. This aspect is a basic training method that must be possessed by climbers such as examples of survival techniques in nature, stringing, physical health during the field, cooking, reading terrain maps with compasses, first aid kits, climbing techniques must be mastered by all with accuracy. Tools that will be carried during the expedition must be in sync with the benefits to be achieved. The whole physical readiness is actually useful for the climbers themselves so that the physical before climbing the mountain is prime with breath regulation in accordance with the established procedures so that this step does not get tired quickly when climbing.

Other regular sports are also a supporter to keep stamina compact and not get tired quickly. If you do this every day then the potential to become a climber is expected to be realized well.


Climbing the mountain can not be separated from the luggage carried as a place to carry all the needs during the expedition. The load that can be carried by counting the climbing rate is a maximum of 45% of the climber’s weight. Climbers must be able to select personal items with groups according to their use. Calculate luggage according to its designation, such as the order of layout in backpacks, MCK cleaning tools and small knick-knacks placed in bags of outdoor backpacks, the lowest personal clothing, logistics in the middle, the highest urgency needs. Do not let the wrong location will waste free time during the climb. Especially for small items, put them in the pocket on the side of the backpack.


Mountain climbing expeditions are actually a form of sports running with different terrain facing you will face later. The weight of the burden on the back must know the best technique so that the balance during stepping remains comfortable to one of the mountains that will become a balance